Changeling: The Lost – Alice’s Secret!

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Currently this is a Changeling: The Lost game being run, although I do bum from the World of Darkness source book (only because the C:TL book calls for it at times).

I’m actually writing my own Chronicle! :)

I currently have five players: four have finished their Preludes, and one joined the game later so we’ll have her work the Prelude later.

A few changes have been made:

Leia, the Elemental/Snowskin/Courtless found a job in Woosta as an assistant mortician in Badger Funeral Home. No longer plays, and in-game is assumed missing.

Sarah, the Elemental/Firespark/Spring was able to net $300 dollars for working/trading between one estate sale, a couple of auctions, and two antique stores. No longer plays, and is quite deceased after it was revealed to the remaining motley that she was a traitor to the Autumn Court.

Current Players: Nathan, a Darkling/Tunnelgrub/Autumn. Jenny, a Darkling/Antiquarian/Autumn. Thomas, a Wizened/Artist/Autumn. Ria, a Darkling/Skitterskulk/Spring. Selemir, a Fairest/Muse/Courtless.

Other things of note: They currently all live at the same place with other Changelings.

The crew decided to go with: Diabolical Parts, or How I Learned to Love the Fetch as their first Chapter Story.

We’ll see how this goes.